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Скачай приложение Ez Power, чтобы найти ближайшую к тебе станцию Ez Power. Станции расположены вокруг тебя. Некоторые заведения ты знаешь, а некоторые нет. Открывай новые места вместе с Ez Power.


Сканируй Qr-код на станции с помощью приложения Ez Power, следуй подсказкам и ,вуаля, powerbank уже в руках!

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Возьми powerbank с собой и заряжай там, где удобно тебе!


Сканируй Qr-код на станции с помощью приложения Ez Power, следуй подсказкам и ,вуаля, powerbank уже в руках!


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Получайте заряд новой энергии от Ez Power и продолжайте наслаждаться жизнью! Найди.Сканируй.Заряжай.Наслаждайся

Скачай приложение Ez Power и следуй простым 4-ем шагам:

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Name: Служба поддержки
Phone: 8 800 201 84 66
Email: info@ezpower.ru
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How do I rent a powerbank?

DThere is a QR code on every machine. Scan the code with the camera app on your phone and you will be guided through the link to the Genie Charger app, Set up your account, choose your payment method according to the instructions. A powerbank will pop out after a successful payment and you can take it out and start charging.

Where are the cables of the powerbank?

The grey cables are set on the obverse side of the powerbank. There are 3 types of cables: Apple, Type-C, micro USB. Please select properly.

Which phone models can the powerbank be used with?

Our powerbanks are equipped with 3 types of cables and wireless charging, covering a great amount of mobile phone models in the market.

Why is the powerbank not charging?

A) Sometimes our powerbanks may be uncharged due to poor contact. If you happen to rent an uncharged powerbank, please insert the back within the free time and rent another one. No extra cost will be conducted.
B) Please make sure the power button on the side is showing a blue light. If it is not press the orange button to turn the device on and plug in your phone to activate the charge.

How long will it take to refund deposit or withdraw balance?

All our payments are processed by third party online payment company. When the rental time begins the payment is AUTHORIZED not charged. On returning the device the amount of time the charger was used is calculated and that amount is CAPTURED as and charged. The initial authorization only hold the total purchase amount until the transaction is complete at which time the total of the transaction is captured and deducted from your account.

How do I return the powerbank?

Tuck the cables into the channel securely and insert the side of the powerbank with metal chips into an empty socket till it reaches the bottom and stabilized.